Tuesday, April 22, 2008

THINK THIN! Protein Bar Review

PLEASE NOTE: After I recorded this video, I found out that the NET CARBS are only 2 in these bars. NICE!!! Go ahead and eat them guilt-free, baby!

I found these bad boys in the organic food section at Hannafords Market. You can also visit their website directly at www.thinkproducts.com.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


My taste buds have died and gone to heaven. Seriously. Well, almost. But seriously, pretty damn close.

I like juice. This is unfortunate as my golf-ball size stomach will no longer tolerate large doses of sugar, and regular juice is pretty much out of the question. I was looking in the ice tea aisle (why? I have no idea, as I detest iced tea), and happened to see this very pretty bottle looking directly at me with the word FUZE on it. And let's face it, I'm a sucker for bright, happy colors. Somewhere in my noggin, I remembered hearing something about this product before, so I grabbed the bottle, and there began my love affair.

Here's the good stuff: the products are 5 and 10 calories a serving, packed with nutrients like chromium, a trace mineral that boosts energy; 100% vitamin C, an antioxidant “essential for vision, growth and healthy skin”; Super Citrimax™, an herbal extract naturally derived from the garcinia cambogia fruit of India, whose non-FDA-approved claims include appetite suppressant and reduction of the conversion of carbs into fat; and L-carnitine, an amino acid that boosts energy through more efficient utilization of oxygen. For WLS peeps: there's no protein, but only 1 gram of sugar and it's a nice break from water and milk. Plus the other good stuff makes it a lot easier to love.

It also tastes REALLY FRICKIN' GOOD. The first one I tried is my favorite: Strawberry Melon. Not too sweet, very, very refreshing, and makes me think I'm drinking an honest to goodness fruit juice. Next I tried the Tropical Punch, and it puts Hawaiian Punch to shame (and people, I love, love, love that nasty, cavity-inducing red drink, so you know that's a compliment).

The Cranberry Rasberry was not a winner with me, my neice, or my friends. It was the only one I've tried so far that has a splenda-y aftertaste that didn't taste good to me. But hey, nobody's perfect.

The other flavors in the Slenderize line are Blueberry Raspberry, Cranberry Raspberry, Dragonfruit Lime, Strawberry Melon, Tangerine Grapefruit (WHERE CAN i FIND THIS!?!?!) and Tropical Punch.

I love this stuff so much that if I were 12 again, I'd pretty much say I'd marry this drink. Screw it. I will marry Fuze Slenderize...we will be together for life in 10 calories or less.

Find out more on the website: www.drinkfuze.com/